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### The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence: When Creations Become Creators

As with every new technology, when electricity was invented, there were posters created to warn soc…

There were individuals in the past who harbored a fear of light. If possible, they would avoid bright clothing and shun the use of electric stoves. They reluctantly tolerated incandescent bulbs, as the charm of traditional oil lamps was waning in Dar es Salaam during the 1980s. The lengths to which they went to avoid light puzzled me.

When electricity first emerged, posters were created to warn society of its dangers, a common practice with new technologies. Just as men were cautioned, women were discouraged from learning about it. I recall an incident where my aunt received an electric shock, necessitating someone to courageously pry her away from the live wire she clutched with a stick due to a makeshift 1990s cable.

I remember feeling a sense of disbelief as we comforted her, debating whether the shock warranted a trip to the hospital in that era. Despite this, I shrugged it off, being accustomed to personal tech advancements, the internet, and electric cars.

Occasionally, a voice would remind me of our grandmothers cooking over charcoal in dim, cramped spaces, struggling to understand our modern ways. In some ways, we are not so different from them. I easily dismiss this notion, as I prefer tofu and gas cookers.

Until recently, Artificial Intelligence was not widely acknowledged by the public, leaving me feeling drained. The age-old adage remains true: great individuals often do not prevail, leaders may mislead us, and profit-driven entities tend to control technology without regard for the consequences.

Amidst the prevalent conflicts, the emergence of AI caught my attention. I must admit that my understanding of this field has its limits. As someone inclined towards logic and methods, I grasp the concept of AI to a reasonable extent. The idea that our creations may shape our destiny, for better or worse, is a recurring theme in ancient tales.

The transformation from Created to Creators is the most intriguing aspect of this era. How does Tanzania fit into this narrative? Will we embrace this new frontier with determination? Perhaps not. These ponderings will occupy my thoughts in the coming week, guided by ancestral wisdom that may not always be clear but seldom leads me astray.

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Last modified: February 19, 2024
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