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### Intel establishes Articul8 AI, an unbiased generative AI software firm

Intel forms independent enterprise generative AI software firm Articul8 AI – SiliconANGLE

With backing from the digital infrastructure investment firm DigitalBridge Group Inc., Intel Corp. has unveiled the establishment of Articul8 AI, a new independent entity focused on delivering advanced artificial intelligence solutions to venture clients.

Articul8 AI, also referred to as “Articulate AI” by Intel, will provide a comprehensive generative AI platform that prioritizes the security of customer data, training, and inference processes across enterprise cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. This offering empowers customers to tailor their setups based on their preferences regarding deployment methods and timing.

The genesis of this groundbreaking venture can be traced back to previous collaborations between Boston Consulting Group Inc. and Intel in the realm of conceptual AI. Leveraging Intel’s supercomputer hardware, a foundational conceptual AI model capable of parsing and understanding extensive multi-page documents was created and trained on BCG’s proprietary data.

Rich Lesser, the global leader of BCG, reflected on the origins of this partnership, noting its inception nearly two years ago when the concept was still taking shape at Intel. Since then, Articul8 products have been deployed for various clients seeking swift market entry with fully functional websites. The team behind this endeavor has elevated the system to meet enterprise efficiency standards, particularly catering to sectors with stringent security requirements like finance, aerospace, semiconductor, and telecommunications.

Arun Subramaniyan, a former vice president and general manager within Intel’s Data Center and AI Group, is speculated to lead Articul8 as its chief executive officer. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger expressed confidence in Articul8’s potential to drive tangible business outcomes for Intel and its extensive network of customers and partners. He highlighted the company’s robust AI capabilities, high-performance technology, specialized domain knowledge, and enterprise-grade GenAI deployments as key differentiators that position Articul8 for success.

This strategic move follows Intel’s recent announcement regarding the formation of the Programmable Solutions Group, an independent entity slated for an initial public offering within the next two to three years. Intel’s self-driving car technology subsidiary, Mobileye Global Inc., successfully went public in October 2022, achieving a valuation of $17 billion.

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Last modified: January 16, 2024
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