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– OpenAI Enlists Former Apple Engineer to Develop AI Hardware Devices

OpenAI’s Sam Altman has reportedly recruited Apple vet Tang Tan and iPhone designer Jony Ive’s firm…

Sam Altman from OpenAI has purportedly enlisted the expertise of an Apple specialist for a hardware venture centered on artificial intelligence (AI).

As per Bloomberg News’ report on Wednesday (Dec. 27), referencing insiders familiar with the matter, Tang Tan, Apple’s head of design, is set to join LoveFrom, a company tasked with shaping the aesthetics and functionalities akin to iPhone designer Jony Ive.

Tan is slated to oversee the electronics engineering aspect of the project under LoveFrom’s banner. The individual is anticipated to step down from their role in February.

The report highlights Altman’s endeavors to secure funding for the initiative alongside Ive, a move that led to friction with OpenAI’s prior board and subsequently Altman’s swift departure in November.

Initial reports in October hinted at Altman and Ive collaborating on an AI device. Their objective seems to mirror the achievements of the phone and App store by leveraging AI, as noted by PYMNTS.

PYMNTS underscored Apple’s historical emphasis on seamless integration between hardware and software, a strategy that empowered the company to streamline system management and ensure a consistent, user-friendly experience. This approach also paved the way for subscription-based pricing models for apps and content, enabling users to access premium services or information through recurring fees.

In the evolving landscape of AI technology, businesses are grappling with escalating costs and the imperative to adapt to maintain competitiveness. For instance, estimates suggest that Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot, powered by OpenAI’s large language model (LLM), necessitates a staggering $4 billion infrastructure investment to operate.

As enterprises seek to balance expenses and pass on cost efficiencies to consumers through innovative sales tactics, the management of these financial challenges could catalyze the emergence of novel business frameworks or the transformation of existing ones.

Meanwhile, November witnessed the introduction of an AI-driven handheld device by Humane, a startup established by a former Apple duo. This venture, which secured approximately $240 million in funding from investors including Altman, underscores the burgeoning interest and investment in AI technologies.

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Last modified: December 29, 2023
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