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### Collaboration between Annalise and Mass General Brigham to Develop AI-Enhanced Medical Innovations

Mass General Brigham and Annalise.ai today announced a collaboration to bring together their comple…

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) has announced a collaboration aimed at developing and utilizing AI-enhanced medical products by leveraging their comparable expertise, skills, and technology. The incorporation of Annalise into this strategic partnership is a key component. Annalise Screening, which is AI’s comprehensive imaging AI solution, is currently accessible across the Brigham and Mass General healthcare system. The execution of this collaboration will be facilitated through the newly established AI company office at Brigham and Mass General, which is dedicated to supporting the development of AI-powered medical device products from inception to prototype, validation, and clinical adoption.

Representatives from Annalise and Brigham, Mass General have outlined three primary areas of focus for this collaboration, as follows: (i) collaborative development and clinical validation of radiology products; (ii) clinical validation in other diagnostic domains, such as multimodal data-driven AI products; and (iii) enhancement of Brigham, Mass General’s data resources through the utilization of Annalise. AI’s AI solutions are aligned with the clinical and research objectives of the healthcare system.

Annalise, a multinational medical imaging AI company with regulatory approvals in over 40 countries, including the United States, offers Annalise Triage, an FDA-approved worklist triage solution that will be integrated into the Brigham and Mass General system. This solution enables rapid and automated monitoring of all chest X-ray (CXR) and non-contrast head CT (NCCTB) examinations for critical findings requiring urgent attention, providing timely alerts to clinicians. Annalise Triage holds breakthrough status for obstructed hydrocephalus, making it the sole imaging AI company with this distinction.

The process of today’s analysis involves intricate iterative steps that necessitate data aggregation, integration, and clinical interpretation from various sources such as medical records, imaging studies, and laboratory tests. Leveraging artificial intelligence to navigate the complexities of diagnostic procedures presents significant opportunities. The collaboration between Annalise and Brigham, Mass General will focus on advancing technologies that expedite data-driven diagnostics, enabling clinicians to assess patients and recommend optimal treatment strategies more efficiently.

Keith Dreyer, MD, PhD, Chief Imaging and Data Science Officer at Brigham and Mass General, emphasized the importance of utilizing technology to enhance diagnostic processes and improve patient care outcomes.

Dimitry Tran, a co-founder of Annalise, highlighted the company’s commitment to developing clinical imaging AI solutions that address critical medical needs. The partnership with Brigham and Mass General represents a crucial step towards early diagnosis and improved patient outcomes. By introducing the Annalise Triage products promptly, the groundwork is laid for innovative solutions and enhanced patient care.

This strategic collaboration between Annalise and Brigham, Mass General builds upon their longstanding partnership and validation efforts, resulting in 12 FDA-approved findings for stomach X-rays and non-contrast brain CT scans related to Annalise’s Screening product. Through collaborative medical research studies, Annalise and Brigham, Mass General aim to support these FDA clearances and disseminate their findings in reputable publications.

Brigham and Mass General, based in Boston, are dedicated to fostering AI-enabled solutions that address complex healthcare challenges, leveraging their expertise and research capabilities. The health system has developed comprehensive end-to-end capabilities to accelerate the development and deployment of electronic AI tools that prioritize health outcomes and quality standards. Annalise boasts a clinically adopted program, approved by healthcare professionals, and is supported by a proficient leadership team.

This partnership aligns with Brigham and Mass General’s commitment to advancing healthcare technology and enhancing patient care experiences through artificial intelligence applications, which have received substantial investment from the health system.

Senior Vice President of Diversified Organizations at Brigham and Mass General, Aaron Gerber, MD, MBA, expressed enthusiasm about strengthening the collaboration with the Annalise team. He emphasized the potential to develop specialized products that offer valuable insights to clinicians, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and care worldwide.

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Last modified: February 15, 2024
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