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### Unveiling Fresh Insights at the Analytics and AI Conference

UB hosted the gathering of industry and academic experts dedicated to exploring the frontiers of da…

The inaugural Eastern Great Lakes Analytics Conference was hosted by the School of Management on November 3 and 4, representing the first formal gathering of industry experts and academic researchers in Western New York focused on exploring the frontiers of data analytics and artificial intelligence.

With over 130 attendees from more than 40 organizations, the event provided a dynamic platform for sharing insights and influencing the trajectory of these groundbreaking technologies.

The conference kicked off with a distinguished lineup of industry speakers on the first day, featuring executives from M&T Bank, National Fuel, Hidden Layer, and Lockheed Martin. These speakers offered valuable insights into the real-world applications of data analytics and AI.

On the second day, researchers from esteemed institutions such as Cornell University, University of Rochester, University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Toronto showcased their latest advancements in data analytics and AI, sparking thought-provoking discussions on how these innovations impact businesses.

Sanjukta Smith, associate professor and chair of the Department of Management Science and Systems, highlighted the significance of the blend of academic and industry participation in creating a stimulating environment for exploring the latest developments in data analytics and AI. This collaboration provided attendees with valuable insights into how these technologies are reshaping business operations and strategic decision-making.

Smith, along with department colleagues Kyle Hunt, assistant professor, and Dominic Sellitto, clinical assistant professor, co-chaired the conference, emphasizing the commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in the field of data analytics and AI.

Ananth Iyer, dean of the School of Management, expressed pride in the success of the Eastern Great Lakes Analytics Conference, affirming the school’s dedication to leading the region in shaping the future of these transformative technologies and empowering businesses to leverage their full potential.

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Last modified: February 18, 2024
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