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**Capsule-Based Little Doctor’s Office Empowered by AI**

The shed-sized CarePod clinics are autonomous “AI doctor’s offices” where patient…

A nearby store or office building might soon house an AI-powered healthcare facility.

As reported by Business Forward, the CarePod clinics, resembling shed-sized “AI doctor’s offices,” offer patients a private space for check-ups and assessments related to brain health, emotional well-being, cancer risk, kidney health, and various vital signs. Membership costs start at $99 per month, with the company opting not to accept insurance to eliminate unexpected expenses or co-pays.

During an interview, Forward’s CEO, Adrian Aoun, expressed the company’s ambition to establish a presence in every neighborhood, extending their services to regions like Rwanda where healthcare options are urgently needed. The initial rollout will target locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Chicago (Willis Tower), and Philadelphia, positioning the clinics in malls, office buildings, and gyms.

Recently, Forward secured $100 million in funding from investors such as Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Tencent Holdings, former StumbleUpon CEO Garrett Camp, and renowned VC John Doerr to develop and deploy these innovative pods.

Building upon its original vision from 2017, Forward’s capsule concept revolutionizes traditional medical facilities in the U.S. The compact pods, equipped with interactive displays and advanced sensors, aim to provide efficient healthcare services. Co-founded by Adrian Aoun, Ilya Abyzov, Erik Frey, and Rob Sebastian, Forward aims to democratize healthcare, making it accessible to everyone at any time.

The flagship Forward facilities resemble an Apple Store, showcasing cutting-edge medical devices like EKG monitors, electronic glucometers, and smart blood pressure cuffs. Patients undergo a quick scan for height, weight, and heart rate, with the data seamlessly integrated into Forward’s AI system and mobile app.

Following the scan, patients proceed to an interview room filled with screens displaying their health information. A physician reviews the results of the system scan, blood test, and DNA analysis, providing personalized insights.

With over 19 locations nationwide and a team of more than 100 primary-care physicians, Forward aims to address key healthcare challenges such as affordability, accessibility, and quality through innovative solutions.

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Last modified: February 25, 2024
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