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– Airbnb Acquires AI Firm Founded by Siri Creator

Airbnb has acquired GamePlanner.AI, a 12-person AI company founded by a creator of Siri that had be…

Adam Cheyer has been highly successful in his career at various organizations, currently holding a position at Airbnb, where he underscores the company’s dedication to advancing AI technology.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Airbnb revealed its acquisition of GamePlanner, an AI startup founded by the father of Siri. This 12-person AI company, known as AI, has been operating independently since its inception.

The specifics of the acquisition, including the purchase price and terms, were not disclosed by Airbnb. However, sources familiar with the deal indicated that it was valued at nearly $200 million, as reported by CNBC.

Adam Cheyer, the co-founder and CEO of GamePlanner, who later collaborated with Steve Jobs and contributed to the development of Siri before its acquisition by Apple in 2010, is a prominent figure in the AI industry. He went on to co-found Viv Labs in 2012, which provided technology for Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby, following Samsung’s acquisition in 2016.

Furthermore, Cheyer was involved in the founding team of Change.com, a platform similar to GamePlanner. Siamak Hodjat, a co-founder of AI, has led software development teams at both Viv Labs and Siri, working closely with Cheyer.

The integration of the GamePlanner team into Airbnb’s AI division aims to expedite AI projects and seamlessly integrate their tools into the existing system.

Unique Aspects of GamePlanner

Brian Chesky, the CEO and co-founder of Airbnb, highlighted the distinctive qualities of AI, emphasizing its fusion of AI expertise, design, and community engagement. He believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize the world rapidly, but it is crucial to ensure that its benefits extend to society. Chesky expressed confidence in the collaborative efforts of Adam Cheyer and his team, envisioning the creation of innovative interfaces and practical AI applications, given Airbnb’s reputation as a technology company with a human touch.

Chesky revealed that Airbnb is reimagining its entire platform with AI as the cornerstone, recently introducing an AI-powered image recognition tool for hosts.

Adam Cheyer echoed this sentiment in an interview, emphasizing the shared commitment between AI and Airbnb to leverage AI technology for enhancing human connections. He acknowledged the importance of exceptional design and community-driven intelligence in unlocking the full potential of AI. Cheyer expressed optimism about the collaboration with Airbnb, recognizing the team’s unparalleled understanding of this vision.

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Last modified: November 14, 2023
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