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### Exploring AI-Enhanced Devices and AMD’s Threadripper 7000 with Executives

In a special edition of The Full Nerd, three top AMD executives join PCWorld and special guest Patr…

The approaching year might see the introduction of the Artificial PC, initiating a competitive race among chip manufacturers to secure its power source. AMD recently revealed its Ryzen 8040 series of mobile CPUs alongside the innovative Instinct technology designed for servers. In a special episode of The Full Nerd podcast, AMD delved into the specifics.

Jason Banta, AMD’s Chief CPU Executive, participated in a conversation with Adam Patrick Murray and another guest, delving into the potential of the Ryzen 8000 series of mobile processors. The focus was on how these processors could enhance local chatbot capabilities and AI-driven features. Of particular interest was the introduction of Ryzen AI Software, facilitating the conversion of a large language model AI, similar to ChatGPT, into a format compatible with Ryzen CPUs. This software plays a crucial role in AI image compression, addressing a previously overlooked challenge in the field.

Following this, Adam and David McAfee, AMD’s Vice President of Client Route, delved into the domain of Threadripper processors, specifically highlighting the capabilities of the 7000 version now compatible with client PCs. McAfee underscored AMD’s vision of positioning Threadripper at the forefront of customer-centric advancements.

The conversation then turned to Mahesh Balasubramanian, AMD’s Director of Product Marketing, who joined Adam and Patrick Kennedy from Serve The Home. Together, they delved into the Instinct platform and Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), shedding light on the implications of business APUs for AI applications beyond the traditional realm of PC World. The trio offered valuable insights into the importance of business APUs in propelling AI initiatives. Adam, Patrick, and Mahesh concluded the discussion, summarizing the diverse array of topics covered during the episode.

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Last modified: February 9, 2024
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