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– Enhancing Online Shopping Experience: Amazon Harnesses AI for Personalized Clothing Fit

After recently turning to generative AI to enhance its product reviews, e-commerce giant Amazon tod…

E-commerce giant Amazon revealed its utilization of AI technology to aid customers in online clothing shopping, following its venture into conceptual AI to enhance product reviews. The company now employs big speech models, conceptual AI, and machine learning to power four AI-driven features aimed at helping customers find well-fitting clothes, addressing the common issue of sizing discrepancies in online apparel purchases.

Online clothing returns average at 24.4%, significantly higher than the overall return rate, as per a Coresight Research study. Brands and retailers have noted an increase in virtual returns over the past two years, attributed partly to the convenience of home try-ons and simplified return processes.

To tackle this challenge, Amazon has introduced personalized size recommendations, a “Fit Insights” tool, AI-generated insights from user reviews, and revamped size charts. By leveraging AI, Amazon Fashion has developed a sophisticated algorithm to suggest the best-fitting size across various styles based on individual preferences and brand size relationships, continually adjusting to the customer’s evolving needs.

One potential issue arises when multiple individuals use the same account to purchase items for others, impacting the system’s accuracy in understanding the primary user’s preferences. To mitigate this, Amazon has introduced “Fit Review Highlights,” building on the AI-generated Client Review Highlights, to provide concise summaries of customer sentiments and key product attributes.

Amazon utilizes AI to extract fit-related details from customer reviews, such as size accuracy and fabric stretch, to create user-friendly summaries tailored to each customer. This streamlines the review process, saving time for users who would otherwise sift through numerous reviews for insights on fit.

Moreover, Amazon is enhancing sizing charts across its platform by cleaning and standardizing data from various sources using advanced language models, ensuring accuracy and consistency in size information.

Customers can benefit from AI-powered Fit Insights, enabling sellers to communicate sizing information effectively, enhancing the shopping experience. Amazon leverages large language models to analyze customer feedback on fit, style, and material, guiding future production decisions and improving sizing chart accuracy.

These AI-driven enhancements are part of Amazon’s ongoing efforts to enrich the online shopping experience. Beyond customer reviews, Amazon has integrated generative AI tools for product descriptions and images, with potential click-through rate improvements of up to 40%. The company has also integrated AI across various products and services, including Alexa, Fire TV, and Amazon Web Services, showcasing its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Last modified: January 11, 2024
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