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### Collaborative Efforts by Almirall and Absci to Develop AI-Powered Solutions for Skin Conditions

Almirall S.A., a global biopharmaceutical company focused on medical dermatology, and Absci Corpora…

A partnership for discovering medicine was unveiled today by Almirall S. A., a multinational biotech firm specializing in medical dermatology, and Absci Corporation, an AI drug development company. Their objective is to develop and market AI-designed therapeutics for the treatment of severe dermal diseases. By combining Absci’s Integrated Drug CreationTM platform with Almirall’s dermatological expertise, the collaboration aims to provide life-changing medications to patients, marking a significant advancement in AI drug development.

Shortly after Absci revealed its creation and validation of a therapeutic antibody using its innovative “zero-shot” conceptual AI, Almirall has now partnered with another AI drug company. Under the collaboration agreement, Absci will utilize its de novo conceptual AI technology to develop and commercialize medical candidates targeting two dermal conditions. The collaboration includes potential payments of up to $650 million to Absci, covering honest costs, research and development expenses, post-approval payments, and product profits for the two programs upon meeting specified milestones.

Dr. Karl Ziegelbauer, Almirall’s Executive VP of R&D and CSO, expressed his confidence in Absci’s de novo program, emphasizing its significant progress in addressing challenging medical needs. He highlighted Almirall’s commitment to leveraging innovative approaches to help patients with severe skin conditions improve their quality of life.

The collaboration between Almirall and Absci is expected to benefit millions of individuals managing skin issues, marking a notable advancement in dermatologic drug development. The partnership is poised to generate valuable technical and scientific insights for utilizing AI drug development in treating chronic inflammatory conditions. By embarking on this ambitious project with a global leader in skin disease innovation, Almirall aims to accelerate the development of improved biologics for various diseases affecting a large population daily.

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Last modified: February 23, 2024
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