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– Introducing Ai Pin: A Smart Game Developed by Humane with Backing from Microsoft and Former Apple Executives

Humane, a Silicon Valley startup with a star-studded list of co-founders and executives, on Thursda…

Humane, a startup based in Silicon Valley, with a notable lineup of co-founders and executives, revealed its latest innovation on Thursday—a $699 device designed to bring state-of-the-art artificial intelligence directly to users.

Known as the Ai Pin, this wearable device allows users to interact with a virtual assistant powered by Microsoft’s cloud computing capabilities and OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. It utilizes a laser projection system to display text and monochromatic images on the user’s hand.

Founded by former Apple employees, Humane is among the many tech companies in Silicon Valley venturing into the realm of consumer products. Despite having veterans from the mobile phone industry on board, the company has steered away from developing mixed-reality headsets similar to those by Apple and Meta Platforms. President Imran Chaudhri, a co-founder of Humane, emphasized the device’s focus on integrating artificial intelligence without the need for a traditional screen, offering a unique user experience.

The Ai Pin functions without a conventional display, relying solely on AI interactions to communicate with users. Through features like personalized message composition and an “Catch Me Up” function to organize emails, the virtual assistant aims to streamline daily tasks. Additionally, the device is equipped with a camera for capturing images and identifying objects such as food through computer vision, providing nutritional information to users.

In a statement, Chaudhri expressed that the Ai Pin embodies their vision of seamlessly integrating AI into everyday life to enhance functionality while preserving human connection.

The Ai Pin is set to be available in the US starting November 16, with Humane having raised $241 million in funding from supporters including Microsoft, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, and other contributors.

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Last modified: December 26, 2023
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