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### Leveraging AI Technology for Conflict Management on Slack

With features like triage channels, service metrics, ClearFeed enables the delivery of customer and…

For both internal communication and customer interactions, businesses worldwide depend on collaboration tools like Slack. Despite their widespread usage, it can be challenging to effectively manage essential information within these platforms. Valuable messages often get lost in the myriad of communication channels within the tool.

ClearFeed, a San Francisco-based company, offers a solution to this problem. The platform aims to streamline Slack service desks, consolidating them into a single queue of requests through the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). This enhancement allows companies to optimize their operational efficiency.

The primary objective is to enhance collaboration through chat tools, which have become the primary mode of communication, encompassing platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, GoogleChat, and standalone apps like WhatsApp. Joydeep Sen Sarma, the co-founder and CEO of ClearFeed, highlights the challenge of prioritizing tasks and addressing critical issues amidst the vast amount of information available.

ClearFeed offers solutions tailored for Microsoft Teams, albeit still in the Beta phase. Joydeep’s motivation to create ClearFeed stemmed from his prior experience working with large teams.

The company made its mark at TechSparks 2023, a prominent event hosted by YourStory, as part of the Tech30 cohort.

Ankit Jain, Joydeep, and Lalit Indoria founded ClearFeed in September 2021. Joydeep, an expert in Facebook, previously founded Apache Hive, a software project for data warehouses on Apache Hadoop. He also co-founded and served as the CTO of the SaaS company Qubole, which witnessed remarkable growth under his leadership, increasing its ARR from zero to over $50 million.

ClearFeed revolutionizes help desks by transforming Slack channels into service channels, enabling service teams to promptly address customer and employee chat requests while meeting service level agreements (SLAs). The platform converts chat conversations into support tickets and equips teams with various tools to effectively manage issues.

Utilizing features like screening channels, support metrics, automated responses, and integration with platforms like Zendesk, FreshDesk, Salesforce, Jira, and GitHub, ClearFeed facilitates efficient customer and employee support directly within Slack. It empowers managers to understand service metrics, plan capacity, and manage workload effectively.

To enhance the handling of product documentation and knowledge bases, ClearFeed integrates OpenAI’s advanced GPT-4 system. This integration enables agents to swiftly address user queries by generating responses instantaneously. During initial trials, ClearFeed’s GPT-Powered Answering system autonomously addressed over 30% of consumer inquiries.

ClearFeed has experienced a tenfold revenue increase since the beginning of 2023, with a team of 25 individuals working for the company. While headquartered in San Francisco, ClearFeed collaborates with remote contractors worldwide.

Numerous international organizations, including industry leaders like Atlan Data, Last9, Sprinto, and Plum Insurance, have reportedly adopted ClearFeed’s solutions in the previous quarter alone. The platform currently serves over 10,000 users globally.

To address the common issue of users asking questions without prior research in chat conversations, ClearFeed developed an automated answering system. This feature, which leverages existing knowledge bases and documentation to provide immediate responses, has been well-received by users.

ClearFeed’s strategic roadmap for the next three years includes expanding its product offerings to encompass Microsoft Teams and other enterprise tools like Salesforce. Additionally, the company aims to enhance customer acquisition through online marketing and remote sales efforts.

The program has gained significant traction for assisting customers via Slack, particularly within the SaaS industry. In its seed funding round led by Peak XV Partners’ Surge, ClearFeed secured $2.7 million with support from 8VC and other angel investors. Competitors of ClearFeed include Unito and Halp.

Looking ahead, Joydeep envisions ClearFeed achieving break-even profitability or substantial growth within the next two years, positioning the company for further funding rounds.

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Last modified: February 19, 2024
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