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### The Arrival of AI: A Transformational Revolution

“Good Monday morning Marc, how did you sleep?” She was always so pleasant in the morning. I grumble…

Marc, how was your sleep on Monday morning? The morning always felt so cozy. As I wore my large e-watch and headed to the bathroom to prepare for the day, I softly muttered, “Good morning, fine.”

“Would you like to review your morning routine?” she inquired as I applied toothpaste to my toothbrush. “Certainly,” I replied as I began brushing.

“You have a call scheduled with an investment firm, two client meetings, and one proposal presentation. You also have plans to go mountain biking with friends at 5:30 later today. Should I confirm with the team that the agenda is ready for the proposal meeting?” she asked.

“No,” I responded, “I’m confident it’s prepared,” as I continued shaving. While organizing my briefcase for the day, she followed me into the bedroom. “You have four workout shorts and four T-shirts in the drawer to start the month. Shall I inform Tracy (my wife) to replenish the laundry detergent since it’s running low?” I declined, saying, “No need for that.”

“Should I inform Tracy that I’ve prepared your drink and that the blueberry promotion is at 30% off?” she inquired. I answered, “No, hold off on notifying Tracy for today,” appreciating her thoroughness.

“Do you want to receive Tracy’s messages immediately?” she asked. I smiled and replied, “No, please leave those on.”

As I drove towards the Y with a drink in hand, she suggested playing a new business podcast by the chief economist of the investment firm at 3:00 while en route. I suggested discussing letters instead. “You’ve received 19 new emails since 5:30 yesterday, with 12 being promotional, three from clients, and four from colleagues,” she informed me.

“Got it, but before I proceed, I noticed a notification on your vehicle’s display from the Outpost Bike Shop. Shall I review and delete the customer and staff emails, excluding the marketing ones?” she asked. I acknowledged the issue and said, “Yes, let’s ensure Joshua takes care of that, thanks.”

After clearing emails during the next 15 minutes on the way to the Y, I completed my workout and returned to the vehicle to find her ready.

“Would you like me to purchase a coffee from Blackbird Café?” she offered. “Your workout stats look good, but I noticed your heart rate recovery was slightly below average today. Upon double-checking, I found you only had 6.5 hours of restful sleep last night,” she pointed out.

“Sounds good,” I replied. Despite the vehicle having 37% battery remaining, she mentioned that gas prices had decreased, and a nearby Speedway had lower prices. I agreed to divert for refueling.

“Shall I inform you when the vehicle is ready for pickup after it’s been serviced and paid for?” she asked. I acknowledged her suggestion.

Reflecting on the morning’s interactions, I contemplated the imminent integration of AI into daily life. The potential impact of such advanced technology, the vast data exchanges, and the efficiency displayed are truly remarkable. The forthcoming advancements in this field are both exciting and transformative.

My initial skepticism towards AI has waned in recent months. The demand for such technology variations is evident, with the infrastructure being actively developed. The opportunities in this realm are vast, paving the way for significant advancements and innovations.

While challenges may arise, the inevitability of AI integration is no longer a question of “if” but rather “who, when, and how.” The potential benefits are substantial, and I eagerly anticipate exploring this frontier.

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Last modified: February 19, 2024
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