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### Enhancing Crime Prevention with AI: Analyzing the 2020 Nashville Attack Case

As technology evolves, so do the criminals who use it to exploit people.

As technology progresses, criminals are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence to perpetrate their activities. In response, law enforcement agencies are proactively leveraging AI to combat these evolving threats effectively.

One notable incident took place on a serene Christmas morning in 2020, marked by a bomb explosion that tragically claimed the life of the perpetrator and caused significant damage to Second Avenue and Commerce Street. The subsequent investigation showcased the pivotal role played by artificial intelligence.

FBI Supervisor Special Agent Kevin Varpness, based in the Nashville FBI office, underscored the importance of AI in video analysis. Traditionally, investigative teams would dedicate substantial hours to analyzing security footage for leads and motives. However, AI has revolutionized this process, expediting it significantly. Varpness emphasized how AI swiftly sorts through extensive video data, identifying critical segments promptly, thus saving considerable time.

The use of AI technology has been crucial in solving past high-profile cases, such as the investigation of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history in Las Vegas and the apprehension of the Austin serial bomber who terrorized Texas for weeks. Varpness also voiced concerns about the potential misuse of AI by foreign entities, specifically pointing out China’s activities in surveillance and big data analysis.

China’s efforts to acquire American AI technology, including through legitimate channels like investing in U.S. tech startups, raise substantial national security concerns. Varpness unequivocally stated that the People’s Republic of China poses the most significant threat to the United States.

The proliferation of open-source AI platforms has raised fears of targeted attacks, particularly against vulnerable groups such as children. Instances of sextortion, where criminals manipulate victims using doctored images or videos, have become more sophisticated with the advent of AI-generated deep fakes. These technologies can create highly realistic images by overlaying faces onto different bodies, presenting additional challenges for law enforcement agencies.

To support victims of such crimes, a valuable resource is www.IC3.gov, where individuals can report incidents for law enforcement review. This platform aids in connecting disparate information to uncover broader criminal trends and facilitate thorough investigations.

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Last modified: February 21, 2024
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