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**Aidoc Secures $30 Million Funding for AI-Powered Imaging Technology**

The funds will be used to develop a comprehensive AI imaging model powered by imaging data to impro…

AI-powered imaging company Aidoc has successfully raised $30 million in funding to advance the development of an extensive AI imaging model and a new line of products built upon this innovative model.


Aidoc specializes in equipping radiologists with advanced tools for detecting and prioritizing injuries and medical conditions based on imaging data. Additionally, it offers software solutions for streamlining stroke and cardiovascular care by notifying relevant healthcare professionals and facilitating data and image sharing.

In a recent announcement, Aidoc highlighted the significance of text-based foundational models like ChatGPT in the realm of medical imaging. Leveraging its AI multimodal training infrastructure and the AI-operated clinical workflow system, aiOS, Aidoc is uniquely positioned to craft a comprehensive AI imaging model.

Michael Braginsky, Aidoc’s CTO and cofounder, emphasized that the aiOS is tailored to streamline the integration of cutting-edge technologies in healthcare settings with minimal IT intervention, ensuring smooth deployment processes.

The overarching objective is to harness the synergistic capabilities of Aidoc’s aiOS and foundational model to deliver an impactful solution for expanding AI applications in the healthcare domain.


Building on its previous successes, Aidoc secured \(110 million in Series D funding last year to enhance its AI-driven imaging platform, following a \)66 million funding boost in the Series C round.

In 2022, Aidoc forged partnerships with Singaporean startup Us2.ai to incorporate its echocardiogram analysis algorithm into Aidoc’s platform. Additionally, collaborations with Gleamer led to the integration of the BoneView tool for X-rays within Aidoc’s platform.

The company also obtained multiple FDA 510(k) clearances, including approvals for AI software designed to detect and prioritize brain aneurysms in CT scans, as well as algorithms for identifying pneumothorax (collapsed lung) in X-rays.

Aidoc’s repertoire of FDA clearances encompasses software solutions for triaging cervical spine fractures, intracranial hemorrhage, incidental pulmonary embolism, large vessel occlusions, and rib fractures, underscoring its commitment to advancing diagnostic capabilities.

Recently, Aidoc announced a strategic partnership with Mayo Clinic aimed at leveraging its AI technology and platform to enhance patient care within the healthcare system.

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Last modified: February 12, 2024
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