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**Elon Musk Embraces Accurate Critique from AI Chatbot, Dismissing “Overrated” Label**

In the post, the user asked the AI chatbot to roast Mr Musk using a single word.

Only a limited number of individuals currently have the privilege to access Grok.

Recently, Elon Musk introduced Grok, his personal artificial intelligence bot. Utilizing real-time data from the X program for training, Grok marks Mr. Musk’s inaugural venture into the realm of xAI products. When a customer amusingly requested the bot to mock the billionaire with a solitary word, Grok humorously labeled Mr. Musk as “overrated.” In response, the Tesla Chief acknowledged the accuracy of Grok’s assessment.

A screenshot shared by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley showcased a conversation with a swindler on X, formerly known as Online, where Grok playfully ridiculed Elon Musk as “overrated.” The post garnered 80,000 views and 943 likes since its publication.

One individual commended Elon’s sense of humor, while another praised Grok’s capabilities. A third party noted that Grok can exhibit a hint of cruelty at times, eliciting diverse reactions from users discussing Elon Musk’s public persona.

Before its reformatting, Grok delivered a parting statement, leaving a lasting impression on its users.

Recently, a post caught Elon Musk’s attention, where a consumer on X utilized Grok to decipher a post shared by the billionaire himself. Kris Kashtanova, the user, expressed gratitude for Grok’s assistance in comprehending Elon Musk’s message about corporate culture. Grok adeptly interpreted the post, which was subsequently reposted by Mr. Musk along with a ball icon.

Elon Musk, the visionary behind SpaceX, disclosed exclusive insights about Grok earlier this month, emphasizing its integration with the X program as a significant advantage in the realm of generative AI models. Humorously acknowledging Grok’s affinity for sarcasm, Mr. Musk marveled at the bot’s development, jesting about the mysterious guidance that shaped its personality.

The term “Grok” originates from Robert Heinlein’s 1961 science fiction novel “Stranger in a Strange Land,” embodying the concept of profound and intuitive understanding.

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Last modified: February 16, 2024
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