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– “Artist Quits ‘Magic: The Gathering’ After Admitting Use of AI in Recent Artwork”

Wizards of the Coast, the game’s publisher, previously barred artists and designers from usin…

An actor who was involved in the popular game “Magic: The Gathering” has claimed that he parted ways with the company due to the writer’s utilization of AI technology.

Expressing his decision, Dave Rapoza stated, “And just like that, poof, I’m done working for Wizards of the Coast – you can’t say you stand against this then blatantly use AI to promote your products, emails sent, good bye you all!” in a post on X.

In December, Wizards of the Coast, the game’s creator, explicitly prohibited artists and creators from employing conceptual AI in their work.

Initially, when fans raised concerns, Wizards of the Coast refuted any employment of AI in crafting the backstory for a new special image.

However, a few days later, the company backtracked and admitted that AI components had inadvertently made their way into the image, prompting its swift removal. They attributed the erroneous inclusion to a third-party contractor and issued an apology for the oversight.

A statement released on the company’s website emphasized the necessity for musicians, writers, and artists contributing to the Magic TCG to refrain from using AI tools in the creative process. The statement underscored the importance of upholding human creativity in the development of Magic products and associated promotional materials.

“We have clarified that we must prioritize human artistry over AI-generated content to preserve the essence of Magic,” the statement further elaborated. Acknowledging the challenges posed by the prevalence of generative AI tools like Photoshop, the company reiterated its commitment to supporting human-made art.

Despite the company’s response, Rapoza reiterated in a subsequent blog post that he had no intentions of returning to work with the company.

“I’m not rushing back to work. I hope they stay true to their word, but it seems like everyone is heading in that direction. I’ll stick around for a bit,” he remarked, reflecting on the unfolding situation.

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Last modified: January 8, 2024
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