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### Boosting Revenue: Affle India Surpasses 4% Growth with 10 Innovative AI Inventions

Affle India Share Price: In a stock exchange notification, the IT firm said that these additional p…

Shares of the multinational technology solutions company Affle India Ltd rose by over 4% in Thursday’s trading session following the company’s announcement of filing 10 new patents in India related to artificial intelligence (AI).

The IT firm disclosed in a stock exchange alert that these additional patents were lodged in India on November 22, building upon the 5 patents filed last year. Affle India submitted these patents on November 15 to drive progress in automation and AI technologies.

The company notified the exchanges that the newly filed patents encompass systems and methods for transferring personalized machine learning and AI models and data. They also cover integrating models with coordinators and AI agents in a market setting, secure data transmission and destruction systems with enhanced agent enclave for protecting stored decisions, as well as fraud detection techniques through AI agent testing.

Apart from the essential requirements for AI agent registration, the new patents introduce systems and methods for assessing artificial intelligence agents based on complexity, personalization, and training. These methodologies include unified training, beat validation, and error-minimization approaches.

The latest patents also involve systems and techniques for transferring AI agents, categorizing, and managing personal data storage with the assistance of AI agents. These methods feature progressive training, heartbeat validation, and error minimization in intelligent agent systems for predictive shopping and behavior emulation.

At 1:36 PM, shares of Affle India were trading on the BSE at ₹1,089.25, reflecting a 2.15% increase.

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Last modified: February 21, 2024
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