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### Enhancing Work Efficiency with Copilot, Windows, and Surface

Advance in the new era of work with Microsoft Copilot, Windows, and two new Surface devices that wi…

We have released an update on how we are enabling companies to enhance their innovative work processes with Microsoft Copilot, Windows, and two new Surface tools set to be available in April during a digital event tailored for business customers and partners.

A year following the initial introduction of Copilot for Microsoft 365, data sourced from our Work Trend Index research highlights a significant boost in employee productivity and creative output, resulting in potential monthly time savings of up to 10 hours. Our commitment to innovation continues as we expand Copilot functionalities across our entire product range, encompassing essential applications and services integral to organizational operations—from Windows and Microsoft 365 to Microsoft Teams, Edge, and beyond.

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Integration of Copilot into Windows for all employees, on any device

At the core of propelling this new work paradigm are Windows 11 and Windows 365, facilitating the widespread availability of Microsoft Copilot to all employees on a secure and trusted platform, accessible across various devices. Within Windows 11, Copilot functions as an orchestrator, seamlessly spanning apps, files, and the web to execute tasks on behalf of users—ranging from email and meeting summaries to personalizing and optimizing new devices.

Employees now have the flexibility to work securely without constraints on an approved device of their preference, whether on a new computer, via streaming from a Windows 365 Cloud PC, or by utilizing both options simultaneously. For those seeking flexible work arrangements, Windows 365 Cloud PCs offer a secure solution enabling IT to manage costs efficiently. Pioneering adopters such as Vodafone and Zurich Insurance Group can securely connect to their cloud resources and leverage Windows 365 and other virtual services through the new Windows App, currently in beta phase. Since its preview launch, the Windows App has garnered over three million active hours of usage across all platforms.

A secure and adaptable computing solution, coupled with AI capabilities, is fundamental to the success of Windows and Windows 365. Customers can leverage Microsoft Intune’s cloud management with AI to automate and analyze their device inventory for enhanced operational efficiencies and cost savings. Furthermore, they benefit from security enhancements through Windows devices that consistently receive updates via Windows Autopatch. Windows seamlessly integrates into a community fostering the development of AI-powered applications through Windows AI Studio, alongside the introduction of new Windows AI PCs like the Surface for Business.

Organizations like Kantar have transitioned from on-premises management to cloud management via Microsoft Intune, deploying Windows 11 Enterprise, Windows 365 Cloud PCs, and Surface devices with Microsoft Copilot, resulting in heightened employee productivity and satisfaction, while streamlining IT processes that were previously resource-intensive.

Explore the Windows Blog for comprehensive insights into how organizations can leverage Windows 11 and Windows 365 to propel this new era of work.

Unveiling two innovative Surface for Business devices

Businesses venturing into AI adoption require a dependable PC solution that brings Copilot experiences to fruition. Introducing the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, our inaugural AI-powered Surface PCs tailored specifically for business needs. These products are engineered from the ground up, featuring the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra processors and integrated Neural Processing Units (NPUs) to drive AI experiences with extended battery life and reduced strain on the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

The seamless integration of Copilot experiences is now effortlessly accessible with the new Copilot key on the Laptop 6 and the Pro 10, in conjunction with the new Surface Pro Keyboard. Employees can stay connected from any location, thanks to enhanced NPU-powered Surface Studio cameras enabling the utilization of Windows Studio Effects, alongside brand-new anti-reflective displays enhancing screen visibility under various lighting conditions. Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, these Surface devices are ENERGY STAR® certified, constructed with increased recycled materials, and designed for repairability with replacement components featuring clear visual indicators and built-in access to digital repair guidance.

In addition to the introduction of new devices, we have made substantial foundational investments to enhance IT management experiences with Surface. Updates to the Surface Management Portal empower IT teams to efficiently manage their fleet of Surface devices within Microsoft Intune, while the Surface IT Toolkit aids in daily tasks encompassing data compliance, security, and deployments.

Our dedication to developing inclusive products that foster diversity in the workplace is exemplified through the availability of Microsoft Adaptive Accessories for commercial customers, including a new Surface Pro Keyboard with prominent keysets for enhanced readability, and new Copilot accessibility features tailored for Windows 11. For detailed information on our latest Surface devices and IT management solutions, refer to the provided links.

Prepare your organization for AI integration with Copilot, Windows, and Surface

We are committed to collaborating with our customers to grasp the evolving AI trends shaping the work landscape, leveraging data and insights to steer innovation aligned with our mission of empowering individuals and organizations to achieve more. The present moment presents an opportune time to transition to Windows 11 and deploy Copilot across all devices and employees securely, while embracing the latest Surface devices designed to optimize Copilot and AI functionalities. We are eager to witness the transformative potential that lies ahead.

1. What Can Copilot’s Earliest Users Teach Us About Generative AI at Work? Work Trend Index Special Report, November 15, 2023.

2. Copilot in Windows (in preview) is accessible in select global markets and will expand to additional markets progressively. Discover more details. Users with Entra IDs and an active, eligible Microsoft 365 license can leverage Copilot with commercial data protection at no extra cost.

3. When the Copilot feature in Windows is disabled, pressing the Copilot key will trigger Windows Search.

Surface Laptop 6 incorporates a higher percentage of recycled materials compared to Surface Laptop 5, with a minimum of 25.8% recycled content in the enclosure. Similarly, Surface Pro 10 integrates more recycled materials than Surface Pro 9, with a minimum of 72% recycled content in the enclosure. Validation conducted by Underwriter Laboratories, Inc., using Environmental Claim Validation Procedure, UL 2809-2, Second Edition, November 7, 2023. ​

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