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### Utilization of Generative AI Among Young Brits: Insights from Ofcom

Ofcom’s Online Nations report found Generative AI including ChatGPT is used by three-quarters…

According to Ofcom, approximately three-quarters of young individuals in Britain utilize relational AI tools.

As per the firm’s annual Online Nations report, 74% of online users aged 16 to 24 engaged with platforms like ChatGPT, Snapchat My AI, or Google Bard.

Among adolescents, the usage rate is even higher, with four-fifths utilizing conceptual Artificial tools and services. Overall, nearly a third of the population has interacted with such tools.

Common reasons cited for using platforms like ChatGPT include social interaction, entertainment, and educational purposes, reflecting the growing popularity and influence of these tools in recent times.

UK internet users are increasingly cognizant of the potential risks associated with AI, with 58% expressing concerns about its societal impact. Ofcom highlights the efforts of tech companies to comply with the new Online Safety Laws, emphasizing the importance of evaluating and mitigating the health risks posed by AI products to safeguard users.

The past year has witnessed significant discussions within the TV and film industry regarding AI, sparking contentious debates among artists and actors on this subject.

Yih-Choung Teh, Ofcom’s Group Director of Strategy and Research, noted that Gen Z prioritizes rapid adoption of innovative technologies, with Generative AI being no exception. While younger demographics are at the forefront of embracing AI for various purposes, older computer users are also exploring its functionalities for work and leisure activities.

During its peak, Open AI’s ChatGPT garnered 3.4 million adult users in the UK, establishing itself as the most popular AI tool in the country. This surge in usage followed the reinstatement of the tool post the dismissal of Sam Altman, the chairman, and AI expert. Other notable AI tools include Bing Skype, Snapchat My AI, and Google Bard, as indicated by Ofcom’s research findings.

Ofcom’s study further reveals that YouTube surpassed Twitter in terms of user visits among UK adults last year, displacing Mark Zuckerberg’s platform from the top spot.

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Last modified: November 28, 2023
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