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### Square Enix CEO hints at “Extreme” AI Integration for Game Development

A New Year’s letter from company president Takashi Kiryu details the Final Fantasy publisher’s futu…

Just two days into 2024, a prominent video game publisher has already initiated discussions about its ambitious artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives. If you believed that the trend of AI integration would cease in 2023, you were mistaken. The publisher behind Final Fantasy VII Resurrection is fervently pursuing the utilization of AI in game development, emphasizing reliance on “blockchain entertainment” and “the cloud,” as outlined in a New Year’s message from the then-president of Square Enix.

On January 1st, Takashi Kiryu, the leader of Square Enix, penned a comprehensive letter detailing the company’s future strategies, advancements in extended reality (augmented and virtual reality), and reflections on the past year. Kiryu specifically mentioned AI, acknowledging the challenges associated with generative technology but highlighting the implementation of AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT, as well as sophisticated text-to-image generators like DALL-E and Steady Diffusion, as transformative tools that could revolutionize the creative processes, including programming methodologies. Kiryu’s email clearly articulates the company’s intention to integrate more AI technologies into its gaming endeavors.

Kiryu expressed, “We are committed to leveraging AI and other cutting-edge systems extensively for both content development and delivery functions.” The immediate goal is to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the sophistication of marketing campaigns. Viewing technological advancements as business enablers, Square Enix aims to leverage these innovations to introduce novel content offerings for consumers in the long term.

Furthermore, Kiryu emphasized the company’s interest in cryptocurrency associated with blockchain technology and cloud-based on-demand services, citing their potential to establish new revenue streams and adapt to evolving market dynamics while maintaining a commitment to delivering high-quality content. Kiryu envisions a work environment that fosters creativity and individuality among all Square Enix employees. To support these initiatives, Kiryu plans to restructure the organization to optimize resource allocation, underscoring his dedication to blockchain entertainment, Web 3.0, AI, and cloud technologies.

Given Square Enix’s reinforced focus on AI and blockchain innovations, the recent developments align with the company’s strategic direction. The company’s proactive stance on embracing AI was evident in the previous year’s launch of an “AI-driven” project and the announcement of an NFT game, signaling a continued dedication to these transformative technologies. Kiryu’s approach mirrors that of former president Yosuke Matsuda, who highlighted AI, cryptocurrency, and cloud systems in a New Year’s message in 2022 before stepping down in June 2023. As Square Enix progresses into 2024, the emphasis on AI and blockchain technologies remains a key aspect of its strategic roadmap.

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Last modified: January 15, 2024
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