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### Lionel Messi Ranks Fourth in AI’s Top 10 Greatest Footballers of All Time

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have battled it out for supremacy for the last 20 years but wher…

No single writer can settle the football debate, but technology has certainly made a significant attempt at it.

The top ten exceptional goal scorers in the history of the sport have been meticulously ranked by Talk GPT, presenting an impressive list. Spanning from renowned figures of the 1940s to present-day stars, the comprehensive nature of artificial intelligence’s assessment is undeniable.

Contrary to common belief, Lionel Messi is not unanimously hailed as the greatest player in the game. Surprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo, despite clinching five Ballon d’Or awards in comparison to Messi’s eight, does not even secure a spot in the top three.

The esteemed Mirror Football evaluates the top 10 players and also determines the AI algorithms utilized in the process.

A Manchester United icon was a formidable adversary for Lionel Messi, yet he still secures the second position.

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10. Eusebio

Some may challenge the assertion that the Portuguese icon was “one of the finest goal scorers in the history of the sport.”

Having netted 473 goals during his tenure at Benfica, a total of 528 overall, and an additional 41 for his national team, Eusebio’s prowess on the field is unquestionable. Securing victory in the 1962 European Cup and Ballon d’Or, he passed away in 2014 at the age of 71, solidifying his status among football’s legends.

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Eusebio is still regarded as a story, as are Benfica and Portugal.Eusebio remains a legend, both for Benfica and Portugal.

9. Stefano Alfredo

The “blond arrow” stands shoulder to shoulder with the elite when discussing Real Madrid’s most prolific goal scorers. With five European Cup triumphs for Real Madrid, 480 goals for the club, and an additional 37 for Spain and Argentina on the international stage, his legacy is profound.

His goal-scoring prowess was not limited to a single team; from his debut with River Plate in 1945 to his final spell with Espanyol in 1966, he continued to find the back of the net.

Alfredo Di Stefano celebrates Real Madrid’s 1965 European Cup win
Alfredo Di Stefano celebrates Real Madrid’s 1965 European Cup victory (Popperfoto via Getty Images)

8. George Best

An option that may evoke sentimental value, yet subject to debate among connoisseurs.

Despite off-field controversies, the Manchester United legend’s association with the club’s 1968 European Cup triumph and his renowned dribbling and goal-scoring abilities are highlighted by AI. While primarily deployed in midfield or as a forward, his exceptional skills continue to resonate, albeit amidst discussions on his precise role.

Northern Irish footballer and winger with Manchester United George Best pictured at Old Trafford in July 1968
George Best, the Manchester United winger, pictured at Old Trafford in 1968 (Popperfoto via Getty Images).

7. Ronaldo Nazario

The first entry on the list whose career accomplishments are not confined to history books, Ronaldo Nazario is recognized for “his remarkable speed and goal-scoring prowess, securing two FIFA World Cup titles with Brazil.”

Despite being an unused 17-year-old in the 1994 tournament, his pivotal goals in the 2002 championship stand out as a heartwarming comeback story in the annals of the sport. Accumulating a total of 352 club goals and 62 for the Selecao, his placement on this prestigious list would have been even higher if not for unfortunate injuries.

Ronaldo celebrates his second goal in the 2002 FIFA World Cup final
Ronaldo celebrates his goal in the 2002 FIFA World Cup final (Getty Images)

6. Gerd Muller

Listings can sometimes be deceiving, as evidenced by Miroslav Klose surpassing Gerd Muller as Germany’s top scorer in World Cup history.

Muller’s exceptional knack for finding the back of the net was unparalleled, playing a pivotal role in Germany’s 1974 World Cup triumph. With 68 goals in 62 cup appearances and a total of 654 goals in 716 matches, predominantly for Bayern Munich, his incredible scoring ratios make a case for a higher ranking.

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5. Theodore Henry

A French striker renowned for his speed, skill, and prolific goal-scoring exploits during his tenure at Arsenal, Thierry Henry’s inclusion in the top five comes as no surprise to astute fans.

Henry’s triumphs in the World Cup, German Championships, Champions League, and other prestigious competitions in England and Spain solidify his position among the elite. A Ballon d’Or accolade would have been a fitting addition to his illustrious career had it not been for Pavel Nedved’s triumph in 2003.

Thierry Henry lit up the Premier League at Arsenal
Thierry Henry illuminated the Premier League at Arsenal (PA)

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

Arguably the third-best player of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo’s exceptional goal-scoring prowess and extensive trophy collection are duly acknowledged by AI. However, such recognition might not sit well with “CR7,” boasting a record-breaking 127 international goals and a current club total of 737, with more to come in Saudi Arabia. While subject to debate, his omission from the top three sparks contemplation.

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to score goals in Saudi with Al-Nassr
Cristiano Ronaldo continues to find the net in Saudi Arabia (Mohammed Saad/Anadolu via Getty Images)

3. Lionel Messi

A versatile and gifted forward, Lionel Messi has consistently dazzled as one of the premier goal scorers and playmakers in the world. Technology’s affirmation of his talent serves as a testament to his enduring brilliance.

Despite amassing 726 league goals and 178 for his national team, Messi’s crowning as the third-best player historically may surprise many. The pursuit of surpassing his predecessors remains a coveted title, albeit one that fails to impress Messi.

Lionel Messi won an eighth Ballon d’Or in 2023
Lionel Messi secures his eighth Ballon d’Or in 2023 (AFP/FRANCK FIFE via Getty Images)

2. Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona’s brilliance is beyond reproach, akin to George Best’s undeniable talent. While opinions may vary on Best’s classification as a forward, Maradona’s goal-scoring prowess and impact in pivotal moments remain undisputed.

His leadership during Argentina’s triumphant 1986 World Cup campaign etched his name in sporting folklore, notwithstanding the controversies that punctuated his career.

Diego Maradona of Argentina kisses the trophy after the 1986 World Cup final
Diego Maradona kisses the trophy after the 1986 World Cup final (Getty Images)

1. Pele

An undisputed legend in his own right, Pele’s legacy transcends statistics. While his remarkable record of 77 goals in 92 appearances for Brazil is well-documented, his true stature on the field remains unparalleled by even the most advanced technological assessments.

Acknowledging Pele’s legendary ranking history and his triumphant three FIFA World Cup victories is a universal consensus. Generations of fans bear witness to his exceptional skill through archived footage, reaffirming his status as a football icon.

Pele celebrates the victory after the 1970 World Cup final
Pele celebrates victory after the 1970 World Cup final (Getty Images)

Despite potential debates over his ranking on this list following three Jules Rimet triumphs, Maradona’s legacy, Messi’s nonchalant response, and Ronaldo’s reaction are bound to evoke varied emotions.

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