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– Survey Reveals: 1/3 of US Companies Set to Utilize AI for Workforce Reduction by 2024

A new survey says one out of every three U S companies will replace at least some of their employee…

According to a recent study, one analyst predicts that by 2024, some U.S. companies will substitute their employees with artificial intelligence. The study, conducted by ResumeBuilder and surveying 750 business leaders, reveals that 37% of businesses utilizing AI have already replaced workers with this technology, and 44% anticipate layoffs due to AI by 2024.

Among the surveyed companies, 21% foresee inevitable layoffs, while 23% believe that terminations are likely because of AI integration. Despite this trend, 91% of businesses currently using or planning to adopt AI in 2024 plan to recruit new employees soon. Moreover, 96% acknowledge the value of AI experience for job candidates.

Furthermore, 83% of businesses planning to implement AI in 2024 state that employees with AI skills will enjoy enhanced job security, with 45% expressing certainty and 38% indicating a high probability of this outcome.

The study highlights that AI applications in customer service, research, and content generation are expected to persist into 2024. The growing prevalence of AI prompts reflections from experts like Julia Toothacre, emphasizing the need for individuals to assess their job roles and identify tasks that require human intervention to maintain relevance in an AI-driven landscape.

Elon Musk, a prominent figure in the tech industry, has raised concerns about the potential impact of AI advancements. Musk cautioned that unchecked AI progress could lead to a future where work becomes optional. Despite the potential benefits, Musk warns of the risks associated with unrestrained AI development.

In a conversation with Tucker Carlson, Musk recounted discussions with Google co-founder Larry Page about the pursuit of AI super-intelligence. Musk expressed reservations about the implications of rapidly advancing AI technologies, citing the need for greater emphasis on AI safety measures.

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Last modified: December 25, 2023
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