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### Study Reveals AI Endangering 20 Professions – Is Yours Among Them?

AI is comin’ for your career.

Anti-artificial intelligence (AI) advocates have expressed concern over the rise of AI tools and the extensive language models that underpin them, particularly with the widespread popularity of ChatGPT and similar models in the current year.

A recent report from the UK Department of Education revealed that the alarming cries of “Ah, AI is coming after our work” are merely a reflection of the prevailing sentiment. Researchers leading the study suggest that AI has the potential to automate approximately 30% of tasks.

Which Occupations Face Threats Due to AI Advancements?

The analysis highlighted that certain professions are particularly vulnerable to the influence of AI, including roles in finance, law, business management, and administrative functions, as AI integration becomes more prevalent.

Here is a breakdown of the specific job categories at risk:

  1. Specialists in business consulting and management
  2. Financial professionals and managers
  3. Certified and strategic auditors
  4. Psychologists
  5. Purchasing managers and professionals
  6. Auditors, scholars, and educators
  7. Business and financial project management experts
  8. Finance and investment researchers and advisors
  9. Legal practitioners
  10. Business and related fields experts
  11. Payment overseers
  12. Legal advisors
  13. Legal experts
  14. Educational evaluators and guidance counselors
  15. Operational and HR personnel
  16. Administration, research, and company professionals
  17. Financial account managers
  18. Payroll administrators, accountants, and wage clerks
  19. Government administrative roles
  20. Marketing specialists

Additionally, the study identified occupations that are expected to face minimal disruption from AI, including athletes, roofers, basic construction workers, plasterers, steel erectors, and vehicle cleaners.

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Last modified: December 9, 2023
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