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– Enhancing Artificial Intelligence Investigations: Streamlining Efforts in a US Organization

Investigations of cases where artificial intelligence (AI) is used to break the law will be streaml…

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has approved a new procedure aimed at streamlining investigations into cases involving the unlawful use of artificial intelligence (AI), as per an announcement made by the organization on Tuesday.

The FTC’s focus on probing AI-related scenarios is underscored by concerns surrounding its potential misuse in activities such as fraud, as highlighted by critics.

In an official statement, the organization, now comprising three Democrats, decisively voted to simplify the process for staff to request pertinent documents for AI-related research purposes.

Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter, a Democrat who is up for reappointment, echoed the sentiment of two other Democrats, emphasizing the need for addressing issues like the utilization of AI to enhance the effectiveness of phishing emails and robocalls.

Additionally, the FTC revealed plans to launch a competition in the upcoming week with the objective of identifying the most efficient approach to protecting consumers from fraud and other risks linked to speech cloning.

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Last modified: February 27, 2024
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