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**Revolutionary AI-Powered Solution Unveiled by Also Health for Clinic Inbox Management**

WELL launches WELL AI Inbox Admin, a powerful AI-powered system that creates efficient custom workf…

Also introducing WELL AI Inbox Admin, a powerful AI-driven system designed to handle incoming documents such as faxes, which remain prevalent in Canada’s healthcare system, while optimizing operational efficiency.

  • By offering rapid patient information retrieval, efficient screening and prioritization of urgent matters, and streamlined referral management capabilities that enhance time-saving and improve patient care pathways, WELL AI Inbox Admin seamlessly integrates with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems like OSCARProEMR.
  • The initial phase involved six WELL facilities, where WELL AI Inbox Admin successfully managed over 16,000 faxes, resulting in a remarkable 60% reduction in the time clinicians typically spend on document management tasks.

WELL Health Technologies Corp., a digital health company dedicated to leveraging technology to empower healthcare providers and patients globally, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest AI-powered product, NELL AI Inbox Admin, on November 21, 2023, in Vancouver, BC, and Toronto.

The introduction of WELL AI Inbox Admin, the second AI-driven product in our suite, signifies a significant advancement, as stated by Dr. Michael Frankel, Chief Medical Officer at WELL. This product aligns closely with the company’s mission of empowering healthcare professionals through innovative technologies. Despite ongoing technological advancements, faxing remains a prevalent practice in the healthcare sector, and WELL recognizes the necessity of addressing the challenges associated with document management. By seamlessly integrating AI into office workflows, digitizing documents, and implementing intelligent categorization and triaging processes, WELL AI Inbox Admin has proven to reduce document handling time by over 60%.

Jeremy Mickolwin, Vice President of Clinical Operations at WELL, emphasized the positive impact of WELL AI Inbox Admin on liberating medical teams from document management burdens. He expressed confidence in the technology’s potential to benefit all providers within the clinical network. Furthermore, WELL plans to introduce more AI-driven products in the future to enhance operational efficiency and patient outcomes, demonstrating the company’s commitment to ongoing innovation.

With its innovative naming technology, WELL AI Inbox Admin revolutionizes document management by accurately interpreting and organizing incoming documents like faxes, ensuring efficient sorting and categorization. This not only streamlines administrative processes but also minimizes common errors such as overlooking or misfiling documents.

The seamless integration of WELL AI Inbox Admin with EMRs, including the OSCARPro system from WELL, establishes a unified document management system that facilitates quick access to patient data and streamlines clinic operations. The advanced triage capabilities of WELL AI Inbox Admin play a crucial role in flagging urgent matters, ensuring prompt attention to critical communications, and facilitating easy access to essential patient information.

Moreover, WELL AI Inbox Admin enhances referral management by swiftly extracting relevant patient data and directing referrals to the appropriate healthcare providers. This feature optimizes patient care pathways, reduces human transcription errors, and significantly saves time.

Despite the gradual transition towards digital solutions, fax machines remain widely used by healthcare providers in Ontario. The implementation of WELL AI Inbox Admin offers a practical solution to the challenges associated with managing fax documents, resulting in substantial time and cost savings for the healthcare ecosystem.

In a pilot involving six facilities, the initial deployment of WELL AI Inbox Admin demonstrated promising outcomes, with over 16,000 documents effectively managed, leading to a remarkable 60% reduction in document management time. This success highlights the significant impact of the system on operational efficiency, translating to an average weekly time savings of 18 hours per center. Inspired by the pilot’s success, WELL is prepared to expand the deployment of WELL AI Inbox Admin across its network of clinics.

To learn more about the transformative effects of WELL AI Inbox Admin on healthcare professionals, practice efficiency, and patient care, visit inboxadmin.

WELL Health Technologies Corp.:
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