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**Deserted San Francisco Restaurant Utilizing AI Technology**

A bespoke San Francisco nutrition shop promised to blend up AI-inspired smoothies. Two months after…

Two weeks after its grand opening, a unique smoothie shop in San Francisco, which had vowed to offer customers “one-of-a-kind” blends, was forced to cease operations.

BetterBlends, a distinctive establishment, specialized in crafting customized milkshakes tailored to individual preferences through the use of artificial intelligence. The establishment prided itself on being “the ultimate personalized eatery,” featuring a sole menu item known as “Your Smoothie, powered by AI.”

In September, Clayton Reynolds, one of the co-founders of BetterBlends, expressed enthusiasm over the overwhelming community response, stating, “The reception from the locals has been exceptional. The residents of San Francisco have truly embraced our concept.”

Describing the beverage shop as “a genuine solution to a prevalent issue,” Michael Parlato, the other co-founder, highlighted the significance of delivering precisely what customers desired. He emphasized, “Simply stating, ‘This is what you truly desire,’ holds immense value.”

The establishment made its debut in September, receiving a mix of skepticism and positive media coverage. However, as reported by The Guardian, by October 20, the back entrance had been “temporarily sealed off,” with the gates locked.

Photographs of the shop depicted an empty space devoid of blenders, fresh produce, and decorative elements. By October 23, only waste and recycling bins remained, according to reports from the local news outlet.

Despite each smoothie being priced at $10, the business faced criticism from patrons. One Google reviewer expressed disappointment, citing a lack of operational discipline on the part of the owners. The reviewer noted irregular opening hours and abrupt closures, culminating in an extended absence following a sign indicating a brief closure.

A local source revealed to The Guardian that the shop had operated for just a fortnight before its closure.

In the wake of the pandemic, San Francisco grappled with a surge in vacant commercial spaces. Robbie Silver, the head of San Francisco’s Downtown Community Benefit District, likened the proliferation of empty storefronts to a contagion, emphasizing the economic challenges faced by the city.

By the close of 2022, San Francisco’s office vacancy rate skyrocketed to a historic 27.6%, a stark increase from the pre-pandemic rate of 3.7%.

Christian Cecena, a neighboring coffee shop employee, noted that the “temporarily closed” sign had adorned BetterBlends’ entrance for an extended period, underscoring the challenges faced by businesses in the area.

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Last modified: December 25, 2023
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