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### Innovative AI-Powered Gift-Giving App Launched by North Park Resident

According to Ben Revzin, one of the creators of the Bright software, “I decided to develop this game because I struggle with giving good gifts.”

In San Diego, there is always that one person who proves elusive during holiday seasons. A resident of North Park aims to alleviate the challenge of gift-giving with his game, “Cheerful.”

Ben Revzin, a co-founder of the app, expressed his motivation for creating the game, stating, “I wanted to develop this game because I’m notoriously bad at giving surprises.” He humorously mentioned his past habit of pairing sarcastic cards with gifts, such as one saying, “It’s your day!” alongside a reference to celebrating with a turtle.

Describing himself as a “techie,” Revzin shared that his use of AI technology for shopping inspired the creation of an app tailored for those less tech-savvy individuals. He highlighted the convenience of the app in generating real-time product recommendations based on user input.

Revzin emphasized the efficiency of using AI technology, noting that traditional methods rely on pre-existing content for product ideas. With Cheerful, users can input specific preferences, and the app swiftly curates personalized gift suggestions, catering to a diverse range of interests.

The Cheerful app offers a user-friendly experience without the need for registration; users simply download the app and provide details such as the recipient’s name, age, gender, interests, and budget. In return, they receive a selection of 12 unique product recommendations with direct Amazon links, all at no cost. Additionally, Amazon compensates users for any purchases made through the app.

Users are encouraged to provide detailed information about the recipient to enhance the quality of recommendations. Revzin emphasized the flexibility of input, stating that users can input complete sentences or even write an article detailing the recipient’s preferences, resulting in more tailored suggestions.

Revzin praised the efficiency of AI technology in streamlining the gift selection process, ultimately reducing stress and saving time. He highlighted the significant time savings achieved through the app, enabling users to find excellent gift ideas within hours compared to the traditional days-long process.

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Last modified: February 19, 2024
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