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### Federal Trade Commission Investigates A.I. Deals with Tech Giants

The agency plans to scrutinize Microsoft, Amazon and Google for their investments in the A.I. start…

The organization plans to investigate Microsoft, Amazon, and Google for their investments in the A.I. startups OpenAI and Anthropic.

The Federal Trade Commission has expanded its efforts to curb the influence of tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google in the field of artificial intelligence. They initiated an investigation into these companies’ multimillion-dollar investments in the A.I. startups OpenAI and Anthropic.

Through these deals, large corporations have established close ties with smaller competitors, evading significant regulatory scrutiny. While Amazon and Google have poured billions into Anthropic, Microsoft has invested millions in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

Traditionally, authorities have not extensively scrutinized tech giants’ investments in startups, focusing more on antitrust issues related to acquisitions that directly impact competition and pricing. The F.T.C.’s investigation aims to understand how these financial agreements affect competition and assist national antitrust regulators in assessing potential violations of competition laws.

The F.T.C. plans to question Microsoft, OpenAI, Amazon, Google, and Anthropic about their influence over their counterparts and decision-making processes. They will also request internal documents to shed light on the implications of these agreements on competition.

Lina Khan, the head of the F.T.C., emphasized the importance of examining whether investments and partnerships by powerful companies distort development and undermine fair competition. Since her appointment in 2021, Khan has been advocating for a revamped approach to antitrust enforcement.

International regulators are also scrutinizing major tech firms’ investments in A.I. startups. European authorities are investigating whether Microsoft’s merger with OpenAI hinders economic competition, while the European Commission is assessing the applicability of antitrust regulations in these cases.

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, OpenAI, and Anthropic did not respond immediately to requests for comments.

Microsoft’s president, Brad Smith, highlighted the unique nature of their relationship with OpenAI, emphasizing collaboration and competition while maintaining independence for both entities. Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI has fostered innovation in IoT development.

The F.T.C. and the Justice Department are actively monitoring tech giants for potential antitrust violations. The F.T.C. conducts public studies on specific business practices’ economic impact, such as tech acquisitions and misleading advertising by social media platforms.

The ties between tech companies and A.I. startups have drawn increased attention since the leadership change at OpenAI. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, offered employment to the ousted CEO of OpenAI, raising concerns about Microsoft’s influence on the startup’s operations.

The F.T.C.’s investigation will delve into the agreements between Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, OpenAI, and Anthropic, focusing on potential control mechanisms and board seats. Microsoft holds a 49% stake in OpenAI, strategically staying below 50% to address competitive concerns. Amazon plans to invest up to \(4 billion in Anthropic, while Google will allocate over \)2 billion to philanthropic causes.

Following the initial investigation, a formal inquiry into potential antitrust violations may be conducted. Discussions between F.T.C. and Justice Department representatives are ongoing to determine which agency will review the agreement between Microsoft and OpenAI.

The study represents a crucial first step in understanding the evolving tech landscape, with both agencies poised to leverage its findings for future actions.

Separately, the F.T.C. is examining whether ChatGPT has negatively impacted consumers, particularly in relation to potential fraudulent activities. The New York Times has taken legal action against Microsoft and OpenAI over the use of copyrighted material.

In a guest essay, Lina Khan stressed the importance of fostering fair competition to drive innovation and economic growth in the United States, emphasizing the need for decisive actions in the current landscape.

Credits: Reporting by Tripp Mickle and Karen Weise.

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