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### Overcoming the January Baseball Blues: Non-AI Musings

From Top 10 lists to the Hall of Fame to a flame that most executives forgot to light on the Hot St…

These are the doldrums – the chilly days of Winter.

Numerous teams seem to have neglected their gas payments, as the hot stove failed to ignite for most teams except the Atlanta Braves. Yes, the very team that opted to extend Alex Anthopoulos until 2748 as a token of gratitude for his role in their profitability and success in baseball.

The upcoming Baseball Hall of Fame announcements serve as a reminder of the flawed process of selecting players for this prestigious institution.

With little else captivating to report on aside from the speculation about Jordan Luplow’s chances of making the Braves roster in Spring Training, here are some personal opinions on the events of the first three weeks of 2024.

The “Hot” Stove

In my youth, I often went tent camping, a far cry from today’s glamorous “glamping.” Tent camping involved setting up a musty tent on dirt and rocks, hoping it wouldn’t leak during rain. A crucial item during those times was a Coleman stove, known for making delicious grits and emitting the comforting scent of propane. General Managers and baseball executives may be feeling the chill as the remaining free agents could form a competitive expansion team, highlighting the slow-moving offseason.

But On The Other Hand

Canadians, like Uncle Alex, understand the art of staying warm in winter by tending to the fire with care. Anthopoulos, a Canadian at heart, but with a Southern touch, orchestrated numerous transactions post-season, enhancing the Braves’ roster significantly for the upcoming year.

Sit Down And Stay A While

The Braves’ decision to extend Anthopoulos into the next decade reflects his contributions to the team’s success. The future success of the Braves may hinge on the performance of young talents as key players approach free agency in the coming years.

AI Generated Bullshhhhhhh

Recent Top 10 lists released by Major League Baseball’s media division, supposedly generated by AI, have sparked controversy and skepticism. The exclusion of players like Ozzie Albies from these lists has raised questions about the validity and purpose of such rankings.

Hall of Pain

The upcoming Baseball Hall of Fame vote is marred by questionable ballots and inconsistencies in voter selections. The process has faced criticism for its handling of banned substances and the varying criteria used by different voters.

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

As we eagerly anticipate Spring Training, with its familiar sounds and scents, there is a sense of hope and renewal in the air. The prospect of hearing the PA announcer introduce players like Charlie Culberson during Braves games adds to the excitement for the upcoming season.

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Last modified: January 23, 2024
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