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### Innovative $699 AI-Powered Projector by Humane Set to Revolutionize Smartphone Dependency

The secretive startup, founded by former Apple employees and backed by OpenAI’s CEO and Micro…

Humane, a clandestine organization established by a remarkable team of former Apple personnel, including co-founders Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, stands out as the primary entity that has fully embraced the capabilities of ChatGPT AI. Over the last four years, this enterprise has been steadily unveiling teasers and mission statements for its inaugural line of consumer products, culminating in the much-anticipated debut of the “AI Pin” scheduled for tomorrow, with the exact launch time shrouded in secrecy.

Moreover, the CEO of OpenAI envisions a progression towards GPT-5 and the exploration of innovative consumer applications.

As per documents disclosed by The Verge, more details have emerged regarding the pricing and key features of the screen-less AI wearable. The Humane AI Pin is projected to carry a price tag of $699, positioning it slightly below the flagship smartphones it aims to supplant through its voice- and gesture-based technology. However, there are additional facets to consider.

In order to leverage cellular connectivity via T-Mobile’s network (complete with a designated phone number), cloud storage for multimedia content, and unrestricted access to its AI-powered voice assistant utilizing models from Microsoft and OpenAI, users will be required to subscribe to the “Humane Subscription” at a monthly cost of $24.

During a TED Talk in April, Imran Chaudri of Humane showcased how the AI Pin could display a caller’s ID during incoming calls, alongside other functionalities such as summarizing daily messages and providing insights into product details and nutritional information. Equipped with an array of AI tools driven by GPT-4, the AI Pin is poised to offer seamless assistance throughout the day, a departure from the fragmented software landscape prevalent on conventional devices.

Reputedly dubbed Cosmos, the AI Pin’s operating system is anticipated to feature two interchangeable battery modules doubling as video screens. These modules are designed to affix the smart wearable to clothing or other surfaces, projecting essential data onto the user’s palm or scanning the surroundings for context-specific cues. Termed “Battery boosters” by Humane, users can swiftly swap in a fresh battery for uninterrupted functionality upon depletion of the initial one.

Furthermore, beginning next year, Samsung Galaxy smartphones are set to integrate real-time AI interpretations for calls.

Leaked details about the AI Pin also hint at its integrated “personic speaker,” support for Bluetooth headphones connectivity (a crucial feature omission would be perplexing), a “Trust Light” indicator signaling audio or video recording, and a touchpad for tactile inputs.

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Last modified: February 5, 2024
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