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### Enhance Your Collection Organization with Google Photos’ Latest AI-Powered Features

Google Photos will now automatically identify similar photos that you took in rapid succession and …

Decluttering your photo collection will become more manageable with the immediate introduction of several features to Google Photos, as announced in an article by the company. When you capture 50 photos of a breathtaking sunset just to select one perfect shot, Google Photos will now promptly identify similar photographs taken in rapid succession and group them into a single “stack” to organize your collection efficiently.

While the service may suggest a top pick that best represents the moment, you also have the option to manually select another image. If you prefer to have numerous sunsets scattered throughout your collection, you can disable the stacking feature.

Utilizing its adeptness at recognizing image content, Google Photos also autonomously organizes your photos by categorizing IDs, receipts, and tickets into separate albums. This functionality appears to have been available for an extended period. Furthermore, a snapshot of a ticket or receipt can be used to promptly create an event in your calendar, offering practical convenience.

Not surprisingly, Google attributes the functionality of these features to AI, which the company has recently integrated into all its products. AI has consistently been the driving force behind Google Photos, with the firm leveraging machine-learning algorithms trained on users’ photo data over the years. Since Google discontinued the provision of free storage for Photos a few years ago, searching for specific images like dogs or beaches on Google Photos has become straightforward.

Earlier this year, Google introduced another AI-powered feature to Photos, enabling the creation of personalized photo book compilations. Google’s systems categorize your images, allowing you to customize the titles as desired. Additionally, Google facilitates easy photo editing for users, including the removal of unwanted objects or individuals.

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Last modified: November 15, 2023
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