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### Prompt Security Receives $5 Million Seed Funding to Safeguard RelationalAI

The recent lawsuit against OpenAI filed by The New York Times alleging that ChatGPT can output almo…

A new enterprise relational AI security system, Prompt Security, has recently been introduced with the announcement of securing $5 million in seed funding. The funding round was backed by investors such as Four Rivers and spirits, with participation from CISOs of major companies like Airbnb, Elastic, and Dolby, and led by Hetz Ventures.

Recent research by Google has shed light on the risks associated with Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, which have the potential to expose sensitive training data. This concern was further highlighted by a lawsuit filed by The New York Times against OpenAI, alleging that ChatGPT could reproduce verbatim excerpts from articles in its responses.

Prompt Security is designed to shield businesses from various threats targeting applications, employees, and customers, while also facilitating the safe utilization of generative AI technology. It meticulously analyzes each interaction and model output to defend against gen AI-specific attacks, block harmful content, and prevent the leakage of confidential information. Additionally, the platform provides enterprises with comprehensive oversight and control over the AI tools deployed within their operations.

Itamar Golan, the CEO and co-founder of Prompt Security, emphasized the escalating risks posed by generative AI infiltrating organizations, stating, “Generative AI tools, often trained on sensitive data, pose a significant risk of data leakage within businesses.” Despite the associated security challenges, the adoption of gen AI is deemed indispensable for businesses to remain competitive and innovative in today’s landscape.

In line with their mission, Prompt Security aims to empower businesses to embrace cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence securely and seamlessly. The company, founded by CEO Itamar Golan and CTO Lior Drihem in August 2023, has rapidly gained traction, supporting thousands of prompts and users monthly. Pavel Livshiz, a partner at Hetz Ventures, commended the founders for their profound understanding of relational AI’s potential and the emerging security landscape it entails, emphasizing the critical role of securing conceptual AI applications comprehensively.

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