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– Top 3 Lucrative AI Roles in the US Tech Industry for Elevating Your January Music Experience

AI-related jobs offer 77.53% higher salaries than other occupations, and the pay gap has widened by…

It can be challenging to find motivation when returning to work after a break. Transitioning to a new career may appear enticing, especially if the thought of spending another year in your current position causes anxiety.

If you find yourself feeling down in January, you’re not alone. January is a popular month for job seekers, with numerous job openings and applications being submitted, according to the jobs website [ppp1].

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to dominate the software job market in 2024. Recent research from Bizreport suggests that the rise of AI is reshaping the job landscape in the United States.

The impact of artificial intelligence has widened the pay gap between tech roles and other professions by 36%. AI-related jobs also offer salaries that are 77.53% higher than those in other fields.

For individuals with expertise in this area, the statistic that 30.3% of computer research work was AI-related in 2023 is encouraging. With an expected 131,000 AI-related positions in the computer technology sector this year, the job market looks promising.

If you are considering a job switch, lucrative positions within the AI sector are currently available. Explore opportunities on the VentureBeat Job Board or consider the following three options:

Amazon, AI Designer in Dallas

The AI Architect position at Salesforce in Dallas offers an annual salary range of \(233,300 to \)355,900. To excel in this role, you must be a highly skilled enterprise architect with expertise in machine learning (ML) design, solutioning, and general AI to drive technological advancements within the organization.

Responsibilities include leading technology initiatives, overseeing ML and Gen AI projects, and ensuring solutions align with company objectives while fostering innovation.

Applicants should have a proven track record in developing large-scale AI products, experience in senior specialized roles like enterprise architecture, and proficiency in generative AI concepts and technologies. Hands-on experience with ML frameworks such as AWS Sagemaker and Google Vertex is also required.

Intel, AI Infrastructure Engineer in Santa Clara

The AI Infrastructure Engineer position at Intel offers an annual salary of up to $250,410. Responsibilities include engaging with customers on technical aspects, designing solutions, and providing expertise on data center design using DAIS startups.

Applicants should possess a strong understanding of AI and data center technologies, familiarity with ecosystem players, and excellent communication skills to convey complex ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Booz Allen Hamilton, Generative AI Engineer in McLean

Booz Allen Hamilton is seeking a Generative AI Engineer in McLean to leverage AI, ML, and LLMs in addressing real-world business challenges. The position involves designing innovative AI-based products, collaborating with a diverse team, and providing solutions for critical national operations.

Candidates with over six years of software engineering experience, leadership skills in creating customer-facing solutions, integration of language models with applications, and experience in leading cross-functional teams are encouraged to apply for this role with a salary range of \(106,200 to \)242,000 annually.

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Last modified: January 15, 2024
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