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### Exploring New Career Paths in the Generative AI Age

Discover the 12 new job roles emerging in the generative AI era, from AI Prompt Engineers to AI Per…

When a revolutionary new technology takes center stage, conversations inevitably gravitate towards its influence on employment. This pattern applies to generative AI as well. The crucial query that persists is: How will generative AI transform the job market, and what will be the extent of its impact on current positions? While I have extensively explored this subject, the main focus of this piece is to highlight the potential of generative AI in creating brand new employment prospects.

Instead of displacing human workers, generative AI is set to create a demand for skilled individuals—professionals proficient in leveraging and optimizing generative AI. What will these innovative roles involve? Below is a compilation of emerging positions linked to generative AI.

AI Prompt Engineer

These experts excel in eliciting specific outcomes from generative AI tools like ChatGPT. In contrast to conventional programmers, prompt engineers rely on strong communication skills, meticulous attention to detail, critical thinking, and data proficiency to refine prompts until the desired results are achieved.

Generative Design Specialist

Similar to prompt engineers but focusing on design outputs, this role is gaining prominence in various fields such as architecture, product design, and engineering. Given generative AI’s ability to produce numerous design variations, experts are essential in guiding the AI and interpreting its outputs to achieve optimal designs.

AI Input And Output Manager

This role represents a strategic progression from a prompt engineer—a position that supervises the data input into generative AI systems and the resulting outputs. With increasing concerns regarding data privacy, copyright issues, AI explainability, and bias, this role is poised to become more crucial.

AI Content Reviewer/Content Auditor

Human reviewers will continue to play a vital role in assessing the quality, accuracy, and suitability of various content forms—ranging from written articles to visual designs and analytical reports. While generative AI will likely be utilized to generate substantial content, human oversight remains essential to ensure content relevance and quality.

AI Trainer

Specializing in enhancing and “teaching” AI models, these professionals undertake tasks ranging from data input to refining outputs to ensure accuracy and relevance.

AI Maintenance Engineer

Similar to any system, AI models require periodic maintenance involving model updates, system optimization, and issue troubleshooting. Generative AI is no exception to this necessity.

AI Security Specialist

The emergence of AI has significantly complexified the cybersecurity landscape, enabling more sophisticated cyber threats. Organizations will increasingly require experts adept at defending against malicious AI applications and utilizing AI for threat mitigation.

AI Instructor/AI Literacy Educator

As AI literacy becomes a fundamental skill in the modern era, educators proficient in explaining AI’s mechanisms, advantages, and challenges are in demand.

AI Ethicist/AI Ethics Officer

Given the potent capabilities of Generative AI, there is a pressing need for professionals ensuring the ethical and unbiased development and utilization of these systems. AI ethicists are tasked with formulating and implementing guidelines that govern an organization’s ethical deployment of AI systems.

AI Compliance Manager/AI Compliance Officer

While ethicists shape the ethical usage of AI, compliance managers ensure adherence to these guidelines. As regulatory scrutiny intensifies, organizations will rely on compliance professionals to guarantee compliance with legal frameworks.

AI Personality Designer

With the proliferation of generative AI tools, there arises a need for crafting unique “personalities” for these tools to distinguish them in the market. A new role may emerge dedicated to designing captivating and amiable personalities for generative AI entities, enhancing user interactions.

Custom AI Solution Developer

While numerous AI applications are broad in scope, there is a burgeoning demand for tailored AI solutions catering to specific industry requirements. Organizations are increasingly collaborating with AI firms to develop bespoke internal models based on publicly available frameworks.

The Ultimate Insight

As generative AI advances, a wave of fresh job roles will emerge, centered around guiding, refining, and interpreting AI applications, as well as integrating their capabilities across diverse sectors. While acknowledging that generative AI may alter or render certain roles obsolete, it is imperative to view it not merely as a job disruptor but as a job enabler.

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